Friday, January 15, 2016


We love living in Firth (or Ferce, as John calls it). It's the first place I've lived in since Robby and I got married that's really felt like home. I hope we can live in Firth forever!

We have a fabulous ward. They're so kind and welcoming and friendly. Robby and I recently got called to teach in Primary and we love it! We have great kids and it's going to be so fun. John just started Primary as a Sunbeam and loves it with all his heart. And Brandon's starting to do better in Nursery too.

We love living in a house instead of an apartment. We love having room to move and breath. It's so nice to have enough bedrooms so that we each have our own. Since we only had a 2 bedroom apartment in Twin, there was always one of the boys in our room. And it's wonderful having the space to have Robby's piano in our home. I love hearing him play while I'm making dinner.

We love not sharing walls with our neighbors. It's so quiet! We LOVE having our own yard. It may sound silly, but I'm totally looking forward to being able to do an Easter Egg hunt in our back yard this year.

We love living close to all Robby's family. We wish it was a bit easier to visit my family, but you can't have everything. It's especially nice to be so close to family during the holidays. We were able to spend Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa, but we still got to sleep in our own beds at the end of it all.

I'm looking forward to getting our very own home someday (and hope it will be in or close to Firth), but until then, we love our little Firth home.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Country road, take me home!

We love being in the country!
The fresh air
The quiet
The space
The friendly people… or no people!
The animals
The tractors!
My boys are in heaven!!!

We've been living in Blackfoot for a little over a month now and it's been so wonderful!
John was so scared of our last apartment. Getting him to go to bed was a nightmare because he was afraid of all the city noises and lights. He thought bad guys were going to come steal him like they stole my bike.
But since moving to the country, he hasn't talked about 'Scaries' or bad guys once!
And, unless Brandon's got a tooth coming through, he also sleeps like a dream.
Occasionally, we venture into the city for an adventure, like a city park or iJump
Sorry the pic is blurry, he was bouncing 
 or the mall

But most days we play outside or go on walks.
 Robby built the boys a swing that they absolutely LOVE! They could spend hours just swinging.
And family cookouts and dance parties are the best!
Not even the monsoon-like weather we've been having recently could keep the boys in the house for too long. They love throwing rocks in the puddles, then jumping in the puddles themselves.

It makes me so happy to see my boys so happy. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

John is 3!

My sweet John is 3!!!
He asked for a Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake

And he got totally spoiled!

I love you sweet boy!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Move and the Flu

We have officially moved. We're no longer residents of Twin Falls!
It was quite the ordeal.
Robby had his preceptership (kind of like an internship for nursing school) in Pocatello, so a few days a week for the past month, he's been staying at his parents house while the boys and I stayed in Twin. And even when he was in town, he was constantly at the library trying to finish up his homework before the move. So that left me to get the house packed up and clean basically by myself.
With two toddlers in the house, it's almost impossible to get packing and cleaning done. Thanks to my friend Brooke, who took them for a couple hours one day, I was able to get the oven and bathroom scoured without exposing them to the fumes. And most of the rest, I had to try to do while they were sleeping or eating.
The last 3 days in our apartment, Robby was again in Blackfoot working nightshifts in Pocatello. I woke up many mornings at 4 a.m. stressed about the move, but somehow I got it all ready in time. Friday night, I put the boys to bed at 7:30 and finished all the cleaning and packing I had left and went to bed around 10:30 feeling good.
However; at 12:30, John started moaning in this sleep and at 1 a.m. he started crying that his tummy hurt. He leaned over his bed and threw up all over the floor. We spent the next couple hours in the the front room as I held a bucket under his chin to catch the puke.
My poor baby couldn't keep anything down - not even Gatorade.
Finally, by 2, his stomach settled down and we both crawled into my bed and fell asleep.
By at 3, he started puking again. I finally got him back to sleep around 4, but Brandon woke up at that point. I fed Brandon and got him back to sleep, but at that point, John was awake at vomiting again. Finally, around 5:30, John stopped vomiting and fell asleep again.
At 6:30 that morning, John woke up and decided he was done sleeping, so unfortunately, I was done sleeping too.
Robby showed up with his dad and the trailer at 9:30 and we began to load our lives into our cars, trucks, and the trailer. It was a long and arduous day.
We broke for lunch around 12:30 and poor Brandon fell asleep in his carseat on the way back from grabbing lunch, so I set up the pack n' play in an empty room and let him nap while we continued to pack.
My poor, sick John tried so hard to be helpful all day but by 2, he was completely worn out and fell asleep on the floor. If you've ever met John, you'd know that he is a bundle of energy and he never sleeps anywhere but his own bed at my insistence. But the stomach flu and the move just plum wore him out.
Completely passed out on the floor and we walked back and forth past him, moving out of the apartment
Finally, around 4 p.m. we locked our apartment doors, turned in our keys and left Twin Falls!
Two hours later, we arrived at Robby's parents house (where we'll be living until further notice) and unloaded the necessities.
John puked a couple times in the car on the way over and for most of Saturday night. So church on Sunday was out. We actually just spent most of Sunday trying to rest and recover from the move and unpacking what we could. John spent move of the day on the sofa.
After lunch on Sunday, I put Brandon down for a nap and went downstairs to get John for nap time, only to find him out cold on the sofa; where he slept for the next 3 hours.
Notice the puke bowl next to him :(
When he woke up, he finally asked for food and was able to keep it down!
We've been living in Blackfoot for a week now and the boys have adjusted so well. They love having a large yard and room to run and play. They sleep and eat so much better here in the country. And I love my morning runs and having family around.
Enjoying Grandma's porch swing
It's so wonderful to be done with the Twin Falls chapter of our lives. I'll miss the friends I made there, but I'm so happy to be out of our dinky apartment and to move on to better things!

The view on my run

Friday, January 30, 2015

Brandon's first haircut

Brandon's hair gotten a little long and out of control
So he got his first haircut! He did really well. He only fussed a little bit and would shake his head every so often to get me to let go, but he still got a pretty decent hair cut.

And he's so stinkin cute, it wouldn't matter if he were completely bald

I saved the hair in a baggy. Look at all that hair!!!

Island Park and Brandon's Birthday

For Christmas this year, Robby's parents bought the family a weekend stay at a beautiful cabin in Island Park. We had so much fun! There was amazing food and people. We went snowmobiling and hot tubbing and had snowball fights with John.

On Saturday, we celebrated Brandon's first birthday!

We've kept this cute little guy alive for a whole year! I definitely think that's worth celebrating.

He loved all the balloons

And couldn't wait to dive into his cake

This kid is a hard core chocoholic

After he ate as much cake as he could, he got a bath. Then we started on presents

He got a plush frog that he sleeps with every night

And a guitar from Grandma and Grandpa

And this sweet little outfit from Aunt Katie and Uncle Chris

Thank you everyone for all the fun! And Happy Birthday my Tiny Guy!